• Working at UW
  • Solving (and learning to construct crosswords)
  • Playing a bit of chess and collecting a “few” more chess pieces and boards
  • Drinking (and amassing a ridiculous treasure trove of) tea and tea accoutrements
  • Still collecting a pencil or three occasionally
  • Doing sorta’ secret stuff



My personal site/blog. Defunct at the moment.


Quotes, passages and excerpts that caught my attention. Mostly moribund.

Notabilia Newsletter (On Hiatus, probably forever)

Almost every day, like a sparkling word machine, I send a single carefully chosen short poem, flash fiction, prose poem, interesting list, provocative quotation, or brief excerpt from a book or letter. A kind of commonplace book, one day at time, direct to your inbox!

Katexic Clippings Newsletter (On Hiatus, probably forever, the archive has much good stuff)

A free weekly(ish) newsletter for word nerds, bookworms, art geeks, link lovers and the extravagantly curious. Each issue features a WORD, a WORK, 10 WEB links, something to WATCH and something to make you go WHAT!?