As of right now, I am reading or planning to read in the near future:

  • How We Talk (N. J. Enfield)
  • Quite Ugly One Morning (Christopher Brookmyre)
  • The Mind Illuminated (Culadasa / John Yates)
  • Heroes: Volume II of Mythos (Stephen Fry)
  • The History Manifesto (Jo Guldi & David Armitage)
  • Change Agent (Daniel Suarez)
  • The Library Book (Susan Orlean)

History: see “Read” shelf on GoodReads


  • Working on scripts for two more Katexic WORD radio shows
  • Choosing words for the (first?) Logocopia ebook
    • Investigating ways to produce the Logocopia ebook (epub/mobi, PDF and…web?)
    • Scheming re: format and content of Logocopia entries


  • Devising a new format for my daily journal entries, basically a 1-5 line per day + Shawn Achor’s “Happiness Practices”
  • Working on mindfulness and writing practice
  • Restarting my meditation practice
  • Re-instituting my routine and using Habitica


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